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Headache Evaluation Clinic

Headache Evaluation Clinic

The Headache Evaluation Clinic is a single-stop, multi-specialty facility that aims to provide a comprehensive solution to patients with headache. Chronic headaches, Sinus Infections, Refractive Errors of the Eye, Dental Infections and other causes of headache will be diagnosed and treatment advised accordingly.

A patient who registers for this package will be evaluated by a team of competent specialists comprising of a Dental surgeon, an ENT surgeon, a General physician, an Ophthalmologist and a Neurologist. They will also undergo a battery of investigations which include essential Laboratory Tests, Endoscopic Evaluation of the Nose and Sinuses, CT scan of Brain and Sinuses and Dental X-ray which helps in targeting the likely cause.

This comprehensive evaluation, consultation and relevant treatment advice is done within a 24 hours period as opposed to the longer time taken if individual consultations are sought.

  • Appointments may be made in person or over the phone. (044-26144242 / 288)
  • Come on an empty stomach
  • The package will take12 hours to complete (7.30 am to 7.30 pm).
  • Do bring your previous medical records and the latest prescriptions / medicines.
  • Do not discontinue current medication if any.
Please contact us for further clarifications.

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